Ağ Hizmetleri Planlama ve Destek Birimi

Network Management Planning and Support Unit

The Network Management Planning and Support Unit is responsible for the operation of the network systems, identification-repair-follow-up of failures, and the infrastructure and project planning in the central and district campuses of the University.

Areas of duty and responsibility:

* Making necessary feasibility studies on new buildings at Dicle University, preparing the network project, determining the technical characteristics of the devices to be taken and preparing the specifications. Taking over the supervision and taking the work incomplete during the implementation phase. Incorporation of the building into the network of  Dicle University

Maintenance, editing and optimization of the system rooms in the existing buildings of the University.

* Maintenance, installation and configuration of network devices.

* Providing infrastructure for wired-wireless internet service and IP telephony, campus automation systems, LCD screens and camera systems.

* Continuous monitoring of network performance and status with the help of used programs.

* Keeping the network map up-to-date and reporting after recording.

 Necessary interventions to network related requests and Internet failure requests coming through the BIM demand tracking system