Dicle University Exams For The Academic Year 2019-2020-Related Announcement

- Tigris University

- 2019-2020 The only class of the academic year

- test Related announcement


         period students who fail a single course and take the rest regardless of the list is attached. Processes related to exams following calendar Online Education line in the plane through the portal will be made.

         single the course is entitled to take the exam and also for non-listed students 02.07.2020 until the date oidb@dicle.edu.tr e-mail notification can make.

         Any petition will not be received from our students related to the subject.


- SINAV one course CALENDAR

-      1-3 July 2020

     dates between teaching      PLANE elements of the online education Portal    through research homework   it will load the subject

- 4-6 July 2020

between datesresearch paper students will load their work through the same portal

- July 7, 2020

on one course instructors will grade student sinav automation.