Computer Technologies
Computer Technologies

Department: Computer Technologies


Program: Computer Programming


About The Program

Computer Programming has two years of education and consists of 4 semesters. The courses are given for a period of 60 weeks and at least 15 weeks in each semester. Each student is required to do internship at least 30 working days. Vocational courses curriculum is applied covering all sub-disciplines of Computer and basic mathematics and social courses. Intermediate staff needed in the sector are trained by supporting the theoretical knowledge given in the training process with laboratory facilities.

Job Opportunities After Graduation

Graduates of the computer programming are entitled to receive the title of Computer Program Technician. Graduates generally work as computer programmers. They are employed in the data processing centres of institutions as a field of study in the public and private sectors.

Undergraduate Programs with External Transfer Exam

Computer Engineering, Computer Technology and Information Systems, Computer Education and Instructional Technology, Computer and Software Engineering, Computer and Informatics, Information Systems Engineering, Information Systems and Technologies, Physics, Statistics, Statistics and Computer Science, Control and Automation Engineering, Mathematics Engineering , Mathematics and Computer Science, Mathematics-Computer-Meteorological Engineering, Computer Science, Space Engineering, Software Engineering.